© GARDEN DESIGN DWELLING HOUSE ___________________________________________ Report to draft rehabilitation and recovery Green equipped & Park Villa Residential. The report lists the purpose of the project, its architectural foundations and its optimum placement in the context of environmental and urban cities - Villa Fazzolari / Conte. Reasons / aims of the project The work of the project aims to restore and rehabilitate spaces, totally missing for years, to assign to area equipped for the green and park inside the villa of private property, in addition to the functions of roads and access to parking areas. The area subject to recovery extends internally in the municipality of Varapodio , on the peripheries of the city centre, the front via S. Biagio, with adjoining residential villa. The study and the choice dell'arredo urban area in the specific design and research provides for the area of the villa, to equip green spaces equipped with fixed or mobile manufactured functional, and improving the appearance of architectural and image coordinated Villa (see photo). The furniture was regarding feasibility study of architecture, dealing mainly of issues and the design of green spaces equipped signs and dissuasori, dell'illuminotecnica, and in any kind of manufactured Special Purpose which finds place in the villa a complement of urban design and architecture. Project by architetto designer italy ___________________________________________


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