Immagine fountain artistic in piazza s. stefano
© I PLAN FOUNTAIN ARTISTIC   Milano (MI), Italy ___________________________________________ DRAFT FINAL AND EXECUTIVE. Following the office conferred by the Town, for the preparation of a preliminary draft, final and executive, whose main characteristics are described in the technical annexes prepared, has been drawn up the draft referred to above, taking into account the maximum available, deciding on the type of intervention required for the restructuring and restoration of cast iron fountain in Piazza di S. Stephen served dall'acquedotto (reservoir distribution) located at the "Court", taking account of expenditure incurred for the restoration of speech and of the precariousness of the same fountain, has opted for the creation of a new artistic stone fountain , replacing the existing cast iron, keeping the same architectural and artistic features. SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF WORKS Works that are the subject of contract can be summarized as follows, subject to the requirements that the Executive will be issued by the Directorate of Works. The shape and size of works, which are the subject of the contract, resulting from the drawings. Here is a brief description of the works with details of the site where will rise and the main dimensions. The intervention of the work of renovation of the Fountain located in P.zza S. Stephen, concerns: PIAZZA FONTANA ARTISTICA S. STEFANO For the measure necessary to remedy the disadvantages mentioned above, it is proposed the implementation of a new artistic stone fountain, replacing the existing cast iron, keeping the same architectural and artistic features, and in particular the implementation of the following works: - Dismantling of buildings in a solid stone (of any type and size) of fine workmanship which capitals, artistic fountains, columns and bases and any other similar item, including: - books and resources necessary for disassembly, including bridges and puntellature Service - release of the sealing elements with removal of resulting materials - wood sling with the appropriate section and consistency, including ligatures by steel cables - assist with wrapping of wood and ropes made of steel or nylon bands -- decrease the work plan with appropriate hoisting gear - moving in the vicinity of the castle for the drop shot down and all other fees and teaching to give the finished work to perfect rule of art. - Fontana reggina art in stone, of excellent workmanship, created in accordance with the drawings attached to the project (following the same decorative elements of the existing fountain in cast iron), with four trays for collecting water and grill, four fountains artistically worked, surface Martellini, provided and put to work by mounting a land base set in concrete, including plumbing, piping and discharge outlet, with polyethylene tubing encased in the column and any other fees and teaching to give the finished work to perfect rule of art. - Measures to cut the solid stone reggina for the fountain of artistic creation: a square base of size 75x75x cm h = 50 cm of which 15 received, complete with friezes and decorations, (over a range of stone floor, connecting with the existing pavement), which will be placed on a block of 70x70xh = 55 cm with four trays of dimensions 50 cm deep, 60 cm wide and 20 cm in height, with its cover siphon from 20x20xh = 35 cm, complete with friezes and decorations; above this block will be made the backbone of the size of 70x70xh = 120 cm, complete with friezes and decorative fountains and four artistically worked, or the size of 55x55xh = 120 cm and fontanelle collected, resting on a thickness scale cm 60x60xh = 20 and surmounted by a capital always form a square the size of 67x67xh = 15 cm; regarding the summit or peak, will be processed on a block of stone the size of Lazarus 20x20xh = 50 cm and above the disk diameter of 30 cm, 4 cm thick, or replacement of existing cast iron fountain on the old according to the instructions given by management. - Remake of the pipeline with water pipes in high density polyethylene. Project by architect designer italy ___________________________________________


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